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Tax Planning For Businesses And Individuals

If you own a company, make above a certain level of income or have valuable investments, planning for tax season can be difficult. A mistake in your tax planning could be catastrophic for the future of your business and lead to additional fees, audits, owing back taxes, interest and penalties. In severe cases, it could lead to the loss of your assets. Unfortunately, you may not know something is wrong until it’s too late.

Preparing Your Business For Success

As a business, it’s important to spend money wisely. The legal team at Joe Marion, Attorney at Law are skilled at helping companies of all sizes reduce their liability and come up with a strategy to minimize their tax obligations. Some of the ways in which we assist businesses include:

  • Assessing and minimizing penalties on back taxes
  • Guiding your business through a potential audit
  • Structuring your business assets to minimize liability
  • Helping businesses determine how to pay federal and state governments for payroll taxes
  • Negotiating with the IRS in cases of potential tax fraud or other tax disputes

With 13 years of experience working for the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), our attorney understands how to use tax laws to your company’s advantage. Our experienced team of tax law professionals are committed to helping your business prepare for the present and plan for a successful financial future.

Helping Individuals Save Money In Taxes

As life becomes more complicated, so do taxes. If you’ve been divorced, have a complicated family situation or have a valuable portfolio of investments and assets, strategizing with a tax attorney can save you significant amounts of money.

At Joe Marion, Attorney at Law, we understand how much of a positive impact skilled tax planning can have. For clients in Georgia, we can also assist with estate planning to help meet our clients’ needs and create a strategy that helps them achieve their financial goals.

Whatever your situation is, our firm is here to help you follow the appropriate tax laws and save money.

Call Today To Discuss Your Plan

Joe Marion and his team are proud to be strong advocates for their Georgia and Colorado clients throughout the tax planning process. You can reach our office in San Luis of Costilla County by calling 719-206-0017 or our office in Rome in Floyd County at 706-291-1251. You can also schedule your first appointment by sending us a message online.