Coast To Coast Representation In All Tax Matters

Tax Audits And Litigation

A Certified Public Accountant may be able to help some people and businesses prepare their taxes, but audits, allegations of tax fraud and other disputes should be resolved with the experience of a tax attorney.

Tax laws are complicated, and the IRS has the resources to pursue any issues they find to the fullest extent of the law. Not hiring an attorney when you need legal guidance could cost you thousands of dollars in fees, interest, and forfeiture of assets.

Defending Clients And Creating Solutions

Our attorney, Joe Marion, spent 13 years as an IRS Field Agent, so he understands the complexities of both sides of tax issues. In Georgia, he is a knowledgeable resource for both State and Federal law and won a case that became case law for the state. He and the experienced team of professionals at Joe Marion, Attorney at Law can help clients with a variety of disputes including:

  • Syndicated Conservation Easement defense
  • IRS Criminal Investigation defense
  • Obtaining IRS tax relief through offer in compromise
  • Installment payment agreements
  • Penalty abatement
  • Defense against liens
  • Litigation for a wide range of tax concerns and issues

With offices in both Georgia and Colorado, our firm is uniquely skilled in handling federal cases because of our experience with the federal tax laws. When your situation demands a knowledgeable, persistent and aggressive advocate, call the legal team at Joe Marion, Attorney at Law. Our lawyers serve citizens of Costilla, Alamosa and Huerfano counties in Colorado and Floyd County in Georgia.

Experienced Defense You Can Rely On

The Internal Revenue Service can be intimidating, and if you’re facing a complicated tax dispute, you need a law firm you trust for guidance through complicated court proceedings. The cost of no defense, or an inadequate defense, can be high and effect your finances and the finances of your family for years in the future.

Invest in yourself by hiring a skilled team of tax law professionals who will work closely with you to understand what’s at stake and how to protect you. Our defense is strategic, calculated and tenacious, and we will work tirelessly to negotiate with the IRS for your best interests.

Contact Us Today To Discuss Your Situation

If an IRS officer, revenue agent, or criminal investigation division agent has been assigned to your case or you’re facing allegations of tax fraud, evasion or other issues, we are ready to defend your rights and protect your financial future. Call our Colorado office in San Luis at 970-403-3142 or our Georgia office in Rome at 706-291-1251, or use our contact form.