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Tax Laws And The IRS

Last updated on December 27, 2023

Tax law is complex. The federal tax law, the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) consists of more than 1,000 sections, which when printed occupy more than 9,000 pages. And this, literally, is the tip of the iceberg. Each of those statutory sections has regulations that interpret and explain the tax code. The regulations take up many times the space of the IRC

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS), whose job is to administer the tax law and collect tax for the federal government, is a massive agency, and it produces numerous, additional administrative and interpretative materials. There is also the adjudicative element, from internal appeals processes and administrative law judges, the Tax Court and the remainder of the federal court hierarchy, up to the U.S. Supreme Court. Understanding how this material all works is overwhelming for the average person.

The Experience You Want For Your Tax Issues

If you have a tax issue, you need experienced, skilled representation. Our attorney at Joe Marion, Attorney at Law has the experience and skills you want when you are facing a difficult or complex tax issue or dispute. Joe Marion was a Field Agent with the IRS for more than a decade. The other members of our team had lengthy careers with the IRS and have intimate understanding of how the Service operates.

Cost-Effective Resolution Of Tax Disputes

Some people want to avoid hiring a tax attorney when they face a tax audit or tax dispute. This can be a risky move, as the complexity of the tax system demands that you receive informed, knowledgeable guidance. Our attorney and the rest of our team are very experienced working with the tax code, how tax agents evaluate issues and the optimal ways to resolve these disputes effectively and in a timely fashion.

It’s important to keep in mind that with issues of tax delinquencies, not only will the IRS demand the tax, but there are often penalties and interest. The longer you wait to resolve theses matters, the more expensive it becomes. Our team can help you determine the most effective method to resolve a dispute, saving you money in the long run.

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